About the Art

Judy Choate

Lavender Sunset 12×36

There is a special natural light in the Southwest high desert thJudy Choateat can occur just before sunset. When this light is present, the red rocks, skies and clouds take on a surreal appearance. Colors are enhanced to the point of over saturation. This is one of the magic moments that has been captured in Judy Choate’s artwork.
Judy Choate preserves for us the spirit and memory of the high desert and mountain regions.
She has developed a style of abstract painting greatly influenced by the natural beauty found in Arizona and the Four Corners area of the Southwest.

Her artwork is definitely a fresh interpretation of the landscapes that are common in these high desert and mountain regions.
Contrast, hard edges and bold colors are part of the signature abstract artistry she has developed.

Impressions, suggestions – each viewer responds in a very personal way as Judy entices us into her landscapes. Our natural and emotional responses are aroused by these memorable vistas.


Judy Choate Artwork Details

All of Judy Choate’s paintings come with completed side wrap so they are ready to hang in any setting.

A very distinctive and imaginative style that leads one’s imagination to envision a unique landscape within each painting. Judy’s art provides a landscape unique to each imagination.

Harry – Art collector

Judy Choate
We came across your beautiful work while visiting Sedona this summer. I was truly in awe by your work and had never felt such a special feeling from looking at a piece of art before.

We do really love the piece, and are so happy we made the decision to purchase it. The painting is truly special to us. It brightens up our room with the vibrant colors and reminds me of the amazing Sedona vibes that we loved while being there.


Your show was so wonderful, your images so powerful! I feel so blessed to watch your creativity blossom and grow to such power and beauty. When I walked into the gallery and saw your magnificent paintings on the wall they deeply touched my soul, and for me that is what art is all about.
You are on a wonderful journey, and make no mistake Judy, its art like yours that is unique and the world loves artists who have the courage to take risks and express themJudy Choateselves from a deeper place within, as you clearly have. I love your web site. I love them all! You do paint with passion, and that shows up clearly in your body of work.

Sierra McKenna – Art Instructor/Professional Artist

WOW! Packed with unbelievable expression….motion, flow, …to me combining so many of the elements of earth, wind and water.

Art Collector

Judy’s colors are wonderedgesful and I think the work is very warm and inviting to have in a home. It’s makes you comfortable and exudes ‘peace’.

Tana – Visitor at the James Ratliff Gallery in Sedona


beautiful and strong

Watercolor artist – Tubac, Arizona